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Armed only with a calculator, an understanding of simple arithmetic and ROAM (Return on assets managed), all employees can learn enough about finance to become first class, effective managers. So, diagnose the health of your business. Apply the ROAM model … especially asset spin – it measures your business success imperative. Very few managers know […]

A minimum wage that’s higher than inflation improves the quality of life for unionised workers. But for every worker there are three job-seekers, and a high minimum wage excludes them from the job market. While South Africa’s six million unemployed citizens have a vote, they have no voice. They are desperately in need of representation. […]

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Ted has nearly completed his next book, which he currently refers to as The light at the end of the Tunnel.   Contents A Test – “I Wonder Why They Don’t?” Chapter 1 – The Break Chapter 2 – Panic Gently Chapter 3 – The Great Aim Chapter 4 – Ride a Curve Chapter 5 […]